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West Wing Fic Finders
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This community was created for fans of The West Wing to find any fan fiction stories they've lost. Just post the details of the story and the other members will try to find it and post the URL for you.

You can also post (or ask for) recommendations for The West Wing fic you have really enjoyed.

These can be gen, het, or slash, but to help everybody out you should label the stories/requests accordingly. We are using tags to help us categorize fics, so when you post if you could put tags in, that would be great. A list of our current tags is here. When our members have found the story you're looking for, the mods will add the tag for the author's name so anyone can find it later.

Browse for previous story searches in our Memories area

A list of older story searches no one has been able to find yet is here. Please take a look and see if you can help.

The moderator is ancientsavvy. If you are interested in helping moderate, e-mail ancientsavvy AT livejournal DOT com.

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