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Jan. 27th, 2017

sexy daniel


Lost fic: Leo is Josh's biological father

Hi all. Searching for a fic I read literally 16 years ago. I think it was published sometime in 2001, could have been on one of the WW yahoo fic groups or a fic site. But the premise is that it's discovered Josh's mom and Leo had a one night stand and Josh was the result. It was extremely well-written and handled all of the nuances of the fallout beautifully. Does anyone recognize it or know where to find it now?
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Dec. 5th, 2016

Puss in Boots


Looking for fic

Hi, recently I discovered Hannah's Easement-series, the first part of which (Brand New Me - Leo has a stroke, Josh is appointed CoS and Sam returns from California as the new Director of Communications when Toby takes over Josh's old job) is available via the way back machine and on the Big Block of Cheese-archive. However, there were 2 other stories in that series, "What are you doing the rest of your life?" and "Deeds, not Words", according to the index page of her homepage saved in the way back machine. But the stories themselves can't be accessed via the wayback machine and apparently haven't made their way to another still available archive. So, my question: Does anyone know if those stories were saved anywhere else? Or does anyone have a copy of them? Thanks!
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Sep. 12th, 2016



Hi Hi , I looking for an AU story in which Donna was at Rosslyn with Josh when he was shot.

Sep. 11th, 2016



looking for a sam/josh story

ok you are my last hope.....i'm looking for a set of stories set in the future...Sam married and has a son but he lost his wife...then he enter in a relashionship with Josh...Josh run for president and he win...there are several stories set in this universe but i tried to google it but with no luck.

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Jun. 30th, 2016


Sam stays with the Bartlets

Hi all,
I'm pretty sure this was a specific fic I'm thinking of, but any fics that vaguely match are cool. Basically, Sam stays in the residence for any reason whatsoever, injured, ill, etc. Basically Sam living with the Bartlets, if any such fics exist.
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Apr. 28th, 2016


Josh leaves Bartlett white house

Good evening!

Thanks to the podcast West Wing Weekly I am working my way back through West Wing - and my favorite fanfic!

I only remember vague details of this story - but anything will help. Josh left the administration during the MS stuff, because Cliff was blackmailing Donna with her diary. He completely cut off contact - but Donna found him!

Thank you!!!

FOUND: The Maine Thing by chia4anne

Mar. 16th, 2016


Sam stabbed walking the line in California

Please help this is driving me nuts. Sam was walking the line with I think a Vice President or Governor in California and he saw a knife. He threw himself between the knife and the Governor getting stabbed. The Gov/Vice-Pres refused to let the secret service leave him behind dragging him into the limo. There may have been a bombing in a tunnel or turn pike.
Later CJ is asked by reporters if Sam was part of a publicity stunt, CJ became angry and told them that Sam Seaborn saved her life at Rosslyn.There were lots of tapes of the Rosslyn shooting re-examined and re-shown with trajectory lines and TV experts agreeing with CJ Cregg that Sam was a hero. I think this was part of a larger fiction but I cannot remember or find it.
I would be grateful for any help.B

Found 'Non Sum Qualis Eram (I Am Not What I Once Was)'Ecri

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Aug. 11th, 2015


Looking for a specific Sam Sick/Hurt Fic

I read a story recently where Sam is either sick or hurt and recovering, and Josh (I'm pretty sure it was a slash fic and they were together) is frustrated at seeing him so sick/hurt and ends up snapping at Sam (over laundry, I think) and storming out of the apartment. Sam then feels like a burden and tries to help out more around the apartment, but ends up overexerting himself, and then Josh finds him passed out and feels terrible. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Also, any Sam sick/hurt recs are more than welcome! Thank you! :-)
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Aug. 5th, 2015


(no subject)

Hi, I've been looking for this Josh/Sam fic for ages and I thought someone here could help me find it. I read it about a year ago, it was long, had many chapters and was a bit of an AU. It started off with Sam as an intern at some newspaper, then he met Josh who was working for some campaign, they became friends and Josh persuaded Sam to look at going to law school, and they took a trip up to Josh's school, and that's when things started getting super incredibly cute. I REALLY HOPE SOMEONE KNOWS IT

Aug. 1st, 2015

NCIS--Tony cute


Josh passes out in his office

Hi..I hope somebody helps me.. I am looking for a fic in which Josh passes out in his office. I think it was carbon monoxide poisoning? He and Donna were together. Josh was angry with his mom and Leo, so was working inside his office with doors locked. So he inhaled too much of the gas (from some leak?) and collapsed.

Does anybody know this one? I have been looking for days...

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